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How to use marine rubber airbags to land a ship?


This ship launching process follows the standard CB/T3837 shall constitute a part of it and be in full effect CB/T3837 Technological Requirements of Ship Upgrading Relying on Air Bags.

Please note: There is not standard ship landing process. The operator should adjust their landing plan according to the site condition. We just provide you the following process for your reference.

Ship launching prepare

Fasten the ship with guy rope or cable attached firmly with the winch or high power construction machinery. Clear the whole slipway to ensure the rubber airbags can roller on it safely.

Insert rubber airbags to lift ship

Select a reasonable position near the bottom of the bow to insert one or more airbags, which will act as the fulcrum for the winch to move the ship when inflated and lift the bow. If it is difficult to insert airbags at the bottom of the bow, people may insert them from one side to another side. From the heavy ships, the quantity of bow lifting airbags should be added until they can lift the bow. For V shape bottom ship the bow lifting airbags should be inserted at the position where they can have a bigger contact area with the bottom of the ship.

Also, people may place airbags at appropriate positions at low tide and pull the ship upon airbags at high tide, then inflate air bags to lift the ship. Anyway, people should make the ship landing plan according to his practical situation.

Pull the ship to the landing

After the bow lifted, start the winch to pull the ship towards lands and insert more airbags into the space between the ship bottom and land until the full ship is pulled up on the slipway.

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