Vessel Foam Fenders

Vessel foam fenders are extremely lightweight but very durable, and are typically bonded to the hulls of vessels but can also be mechanically fixed if required. We can build flexible fenders of any shape and size with different dampening characteristics to fit the individual requirements of your vessel. This vessel foam fender systems are made of PE foam core with many different densities and a wide variety of damping capacities, leading to significant operational cost savings.


Our wide range of cast foam vessel fender products provides a simple and lightweight alternative to standard fender systems. Our foam elastomer fendering technology has significant benefits over traditional rubber, inflatable tubes, ionomer, and hypalon fender options. Vessel foam fenders are used on the small boat to replace the highly vulnerable pneumatic units used on rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). The vessel foam fender has been supplied to replace extruded heavy rubber fenders.

Our cast foam vessel fender products provide is a quicker and simpler installation method compared to rubber fenders. The lightweight construction of the fenders allows for easy transportation as well as installation by hand. This leads to significant operational cost savings. You can install our foam fenders in sections, as each fender contains a male and a female end. This enables you to install multiple fender sections together to create a single large section.

These fenders are manufactured from a combination of a polyethylene foam core with a marine-grade polyurethane coating. This enables us to provide a smooth and uniform finish with excellent impact absorption properties in a single package. This range represents a lightweight permanently buoyant solution that will not absorb water.

In addition to that, the design and appearance of the fenders is elegant and the flexibility in the manufacturing process offers marine architects a new spectrum of applicable forms, rounding and curves.

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Trailor-made Foam Vessel Fenders

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