Marine Rubber Airbags

Marine rubber airbags, known as ship launching airbags or ship launching balloons, are made of heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers with inner and out rubber layers in a long cylindrical balloon shape. Marine rubber airbags can be used for ship launching and landing, heavy lifting, and marine salvage.

Marine ruber technology is accepted by more shipyards worldwide because of its advantages of saving time, saving investment, flexibility, safety. We are constantly innovating in terms of design, material usage, & manufacturing technologies throughout the years to ensure flexibility, safety, and reliability.

Doowin Marine marine rubber airbags are the No.1 choice by companies in Southeast Asia, Europe, Turkey, Middle-East, North America, Africa, South America. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality marine rubber airbags, together with expert service and enhanced customer support. Ask us about any of our marine rubber airbags for ship launching, marine salvage, heavy lifting.


Multi-purpose Marine Rubber Airbags


Ship launching airbags, known as roller bags or ship launching balloons, are made of heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers with inner and out rubber layers in a long cylindrical balloon shape. Ship launching airbags can be used for the ship launching, ship launching work. Ship launching technology using rubber airbags is accepted by more shipyards worldwide.

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High-pressure heavy lifting airbags are the toughest large pneumatic lifting bags for the huge structure, concrete caissons lifting and moving. High-pressure heavy lifting airbags is updated based on the ship launching airbags. The highest lifting capacity of each heavy lifting airbag can reach more than 1,000 ton.

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Marine rubber airbags are particularly suited for installation buoyancy on pipeline float-out, beach pulls, and river crossings. Our marine rubber airbags have also been used in applications such as vessel and platform draught reduction. Marine rubber airbags also can be used to salvage the shipwreck, rescue or float the floating bridge, and dock construction.

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Why our Marine Rubber Airbags

From the raw materials to the highly skilled production process, our engineering team constantly improves.
Our rubber roller are manufactured and tested to comply with ISO 14409, certificated by CCS, LR, DNV.


Rubber Calendering Machine


Intergral Winding Technology


Rubber Airbag Vulcanization


Airbags Final Quality Inspection

Marine Rubber Airbags Excellent in Practise

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