How to use marine rubber airbags to land a ship?


This ship launching process follows the standard CB/T3837 shall constitute a part of it and be in full effect CB/T3837 Technological Requirements of Ship Upgrading Relying on Air Bags. Please note: There is not standard ship landing process. The operator should adjust their landing plan according to the site condition. We just provide you the […]

How to repair marine rubber airbags?


Marien rubber airbags are made of rubber with synthetic-tire-cord layers used for ship launching/landing, marine salvage, and heavy lifting work. These rubber airbags are sturdy and durable, with a service life of more than 6 years. However, it will inevitably be pierced by some overlooked sharp objects during use. At this time, it is very […]

How to use marine rubber airbags to launch a ship?


The airbag launching technology is well-deserved as the “flexible launching technology” because of its high adaptability and many advantages. Now, we introduce the general procedure of ship launching with airbags. Ordinary ship launching can be simply divided into 6 steps.

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