Floating Salvage Airbags


Floating airbags are widely used in the marine industry for salvage and buoyancy assistance, including the rescue of standard ships or sinking ships.

The maritime salvage and rescue projects are sudden and time-sensitive, lifting equipment and high costs. If the salvage company adopts conventional lifting methods, it is usually subject to large-scale lifting equipment or high costs. Floating salvage airbag is a quicker and more flexible method to implement salvage and rescue work.

What are floating salvage airbags?

In order to meet the requirements of the vessel salvage and rescue industry, we redesigned the launching airbags. Marine Salvage Airbags are very small in size when deflated, and are lightweight. Thus, they can be easily transported and deployed.

They can be used vertically to right sunken vessels out of deep water. When the boat is suspended near the surface it can be slung under the boat with one end on each side to raise the boat high enough out of the water to pump it out. In shallow water, two bags can be slung together like pontoons, one on each side of the boat. They can also be used as rollers for moving beached boats back into the water, just like our Ship Launching Airbags.


What’s the application of floating salvage airbags?

They can be used as pontoons for supporting docks and other floating structures. They are also excellent for pipe-laying and other underwater construction projects to supply buoyancy. But the main application of the “Marine Salvage Airbags” is in shipwreck salvage, floating bridge and dock construction, rescue, and removal of wrecked ships and beached vessels.

Salvage airbags: Floating salvage airbags can be used for underwater aircraft recovery, and salvage activities for ships and other underwater objects.

Vessel float-up: Floating salvage airbags can be used as a buoyancy assistant tool for vessel float-up in a dry dock and sailing away through a shallow water channel.

Pipeline and cable laying: Floating airbags can be used in various pipeline laying and cable installations, such as offshore oil & gas, telecommunication cable, etc.

Floating assistant: Used for other floating equipment, such as power plant equipment, box culvert installation and floating airbag bridge construction, etc.

What’s the structure and character of floating salvage airbags?

Floating salvage airbag: Rubber airbags are constructed of an out rubber layer, multi-layer synthetic-tire-cord layers, and and inner rubber layer vulcanized firmly. Rubber airbags are cylindrical balloon body, with two conical heads and an end mouth. Swivels and air inlet kits are screwed with the end mouth.

Automatic safety valve: We can equip the automatic safety valve on the floating salvage airbags. When the inner pressure reaches the related pressure. It can open to release the inner pressure automatically.

Lifting belts net: The lifting belts are installed on the outside of rubber airbags.

What are the advantages of floating salvage airbags?

Various buoyancy: We can make various buoyancy airbags, such as 50tons, 100tons, 200tons, 300tons, and other standard large tonnage. We also can make customized sizes according to clients’ needs.

High safety: Great puncture and abrasion resistance by using 1400dtex/3 high-strength nylon thread. High safety with bursting pressure being over 3 times of safety factor.

Safety valve technology: Safety valve technology is adopted to protect against over-pressure, especially in salvage effectively alleviating the buoy’s relative pressure changes when floating from the bottom.

Easy & reliable operation: The floating airbags adapt the net fixation technique – proprietary technology independently invented by the floating airbag. Net structure lock sleeve and the shackle type link are used to solve the problem of force transmission and prevent the buoy from sliding down. Those factors made the construction operation quite simple and convenient.

The installation: Floating airbags are easy to fix and can provide a large amount of buoyancy after inflation.


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