ISO 14409 Ship Launching Air Bags Acceptance Test


ISO 14409:2011 specifies the terms and definitions, classification, materials and dimensions, test items, and methods for air bags to be used for launching a vessel. It also specifies issues such as marking, documentation, packaging, transport, storage, and so on.

ISO 14409:2011 is intended for designing, manufacturing, testing, and accepting air bags that are made of synthetic-tire-cord reinforcement layers.

Herein, we discuss the acceptance test for the third-party inspection.

Ship Launching Air Bags Acceptance Test

Prior to delivery of the air bags, the manufacturer shall test every air bag for the following items:

  1. Apperance: The appearance of an air bag shall be smooth, glossy and without blemish such as crack, blister, delamination, pits or impurities.
  2. Dimensional tolerances: The length and diameter of an air bag shall be measured with the rated working pressure and be within ± 3 %.
  3. Gastightness: Without carrying any load, fill the air bag till the internal pressure of the air bag reaches Pe in Table 3. The internal pressure should be recorded and compared with Pe after 1 hour. The pressure loss should be less than 5 % of Pe.

With the development of the shipbuilding industry, more customers tend to choose thicker airbags. For example, 7 to 10 floors, and some even choose 12 floors. Therefore, the above table in ISO 14409 can no longer meet the needs of more customers.

If the air bag meets the requirements specified above, the product will be deemed to have passed the acceptance test. However, if the air bag fails to meet any of the test requirements, repair may be allowed only one time for re-tests. If the repaired air bag passes the test requirements on the above list, the air bag will be deemed to have passed the acceptance test. Otherwise, the air bag will be deemed to have failed the acceptance test.


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